June 12, 2019 @ 18:30
San Benito County Sheriff's Office - Back
2301 Technology Pkwy
CA 95023

This class is not your usual “how to do it” training, rather it is to provide an understanding of “why you do it this way.” It will give you information about rope types and when to choose one over another, when to protect and inspect and care for a rope, when should you stop using a rope, rope elongation under load, rope and webbing strength, how much knots reduce rope strength, and other characteristics of both ropes and knots gutepotenz.de. This class will be taught be Rod Coleman and Mike Ross.

Depending on interest and how much we cover the first night, we may extend the training to a second Wed, when I will join them to discuss rope accessories such as selection and proper use of carabiners (steel vs aluminum; gate vs screw link, when and why you choose a Pear or D or Oval shape; gates and locking types, orientation of the carabiner relative to rope and load, etc), mechanical ascenders, belay and rappel devices other than the MPD, etriers, daisy chains, seat vs full body harnesses. Finally, in one of the classes we will discuss setting up anchors when the usual tree or post is unavailable.

Contact Rod or Mike or myself if you want to know more