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SAR at the Veteran’s Day Parade

Thanks you to all the Veterans!

SAR at Hollister Hills Clean Up Day

Today, several members of SAR joined forces with Hollister Hills during their annual clean up. We do what we can, when we can, and as much as we can, to help our community thrive.

At the San Benito County Fair

San Benito County Sheriff Search and Rescue in front of the new Rescue Vehicle

SAR Tracking Training

Saddle Horse Show Parade

Jeeps in the Parade

Why You Should Consider Volunteering With a Search and Rescue Team

SBCSSAR Past President Recommended Reading

by Graham Shea

SAR is back from Butte County!

From the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office:

All 13 Search and Rescue Members have returned home safely from Butte County and the #CAMPFIRE

Thank you to all in our community who sent positive messages of encouragement, thoughts, prayers and overwhelming support.

After our team goes through their debriefing, we will share with our community the contributions made to help all those affected by the fire

SAR & ARES/RACES in 2018 Saddle Horse Show Parade

Swearing in new SAR members

Welcome to Stewart Alpert and Kaylie Voechting!

2018 SAR/RACES Group Photo

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